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Welcome to Bad Daddy's Wild 'n' Woolly Motorcycle Page!!!

Howdy to all motorcycle riders around the world! A special howdy to our American iron ridin' friends everywhere. This page is intended to be one more egotistical page to give riders and wannabe riders something else to take up their time on the net. I hope to add some images of my bike and my friends bikes real soon. Maybe, space allowing, I can add some of yours. Links? Who knows. I'm a biker, not a web page builder, but I've found some really cool ones out there so maybe I'll throw some in.

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Smokin' Iron !!!

For way too long Harley Davidson has held the motorcycling public by the balls. Production has been historically slow, castings were questionable and replacement parts for your Pan in '73 when cone motors were out? Get real, dudes. But the American biker, along with some dedicated-fer-damned-sure European boys kept Harley alive when nobody wanted one. Well, hardly anyone. Lots of the "bikers" today would have bought a Honda then. Should have bought one now. In my slightly jaded opinion, the bikes now sell for too much. At least considering what you get. I mean, when a carburetor manufacturer markets a kit nicknamed PAT that's necessary to make a new EVO "Pass A Truck". What the Hell is goin' on! For $20,000 that scoot should book. In my humble opinion. Now, I currently run a custom built Shovel. And everyone should know by now that the power potential in an EVO is way more than a Shovel could ever hope for. But my Shovel ain't no slouch. The engine is a masterpiece. Based on S&S Super Stock cases, it was built by a great mechanic and a very good friend of mine. Ralph "Blower" Jaber is one of the best when it comes to Harley mechanics. He has 28 years experience building, racing and riding Harley's. A major accident left Blower with permanent injuries but he still wrenches and he still rides. He rides a 106 inch Shovel and he's building some top secret EVO he's going to stuff in front of one his trick 5 speeds. Due to that wreck, I would bet the farm it will be a swingarm but who knows with Blo? If you want an engine or transmission that is done right the first time, call him at AC 915-886-4570. He's open Monday- Saturday. I promised I would never tell anyone about all the bikes and all the parts he has so I won't. I'll let him.

This page is like a road here in Texas, always under construction. I do move a little faster than a highway worker though!

E-mail me with suggestions, lewd comments, news of runs or events. Especially if you live in West Texas or Southern New Mexico. God help us out here! We're dying! Water! Grass! Ass! Gas! We're friendly as all get out down here. Unless you're a damned Yankee! Only kiddin' folks. Texas means "friendly" in Spanish and we mean it. Juarez is our sister city and only the mighty Rio Grande with its powerful surging waters and 1350 Border Patrol agents separate us. Mexican food that is Numero Uno is the rule. Come on down! The weather is primo most of the year and you can ride all year long. And if you're the charitable sort, send along a donation for "Bikers on the Border". This group collects money, donated airline tickets, medical equipment and so on for several causes here on the Mexican-American border. Bikers have big hearts and we're no exception. Toys for Tots is a given as is work for organizations dealing mainly with children. Send anything you may wish to the address below with checks made out to Bikers on the Border. Come on down, y'all! The door's always open.

B Brown
PO BOX 1527
Canutillo, TX 79835
United States